This website is designed to keep you updated with the latest developments under the Sydney Ambulance Metropolitan Infrastructure Strategy (SAMIS), the $150 million program that is transforming the way NSW Ambulance does its core business; helping you.

This SAMIS program will reshape NSW Ambulance’s operations in metropolitan Sydney, transforming the majority of the 43 ambulance stations in the area into a network of NSW Ambulance superstations, supported by smaller, standby stations called Paramedic Response Points.
This new operational model, called the Paramedic Response Network, is designed to ensure NSW Ambulance’s highly-trained paramedics deliver the right care to the right patient in the right way at the right time, every time

News & Events

Construction finishes on the Artarmon NSW Ambulance superstation

The construction of the new ambulance superstation at Artarmon has now been completed. More  

Posted 05 Feb 2018

Construction commences on the new Caringbah superstation

Construction on the Caringbah superstation has commenced More  

Posted 22 Aug 2017

Construction wraps up on the Liverpool superstation

Construction on the Liverpool superstation has now wrapped up. More  

Posted 11 Jun 2017

Construction complete on the Kogarah superstation

Construction on the new Kogarah superstation has finished. More  

Posted 01 May 2017


  • March 2018

    March 2018

    Official opening of the Kogarah Superstation

  • Feb 2018

    Feb 2018

    Construction complete on the Artarmon Superstation

  • Aug 2017

    Aug 2017

    Construction begins on the Caringbah superstation. 

  • June 2017

    June 2017

    Construction complete on the Liverpool Superstation. 

  • April 2017

    April 2017

    Construction complete on the Blacktown Superstation. 

  • May 2017

    May 2017

    Construction complete on the Kogarah superstation. 

  • Jan 2017

    Jan 2017

    Main works construction begins on the Artarmon superstation. 

  • Dec 2016

    Dec 2016

    Construction complete on the Bankstown Superstation. 

  • Nov 2016

    Nov 2016

    Demolition and early works construction begins on the Artarmon superstation. 

  • Sept 2016

    Sept 2016

    Construction is now under way on the Northmead superstation at 195 Briens Road.

  • Mid 2016

    Mid 2016

    The Premier and Minister for Health turned the sod to kick off main works at the new Penrith superstation; four new superstations at Artarmon, Caringbah, the Inner West and Northmead announced

  • Early 2016

    Early 2016

    Construction begins at the Bankstown, Blacktown, Kogarah and Liverpool Superstations

  • Late 2015

    Late 2015

    Construction contract awarded for the Bankstown, Blacktown, Kogarah and Liverpool Superstations

  • Mid 2015

    Mid 2015

    Enabling works carried out at the Bankstown, Blacktown, Kogarah, Liverpool and Penrith Superstations

  • Mid 2014

    Mid 2014

    The Minister for Health announces that funding has been allocated to start construction at the five priority Superstations