Caringbah Paramedic Response Network

The Caringbah NSW Ambulance superstation will sit at the heart of the Caringbah Paramedic Response Network cluster and will be where paramedics start and end their shift from.

Local clusters will be composed of a superstation, existing ambulance stations and smaller, standby stations called Paramedic Response Points.

As NSW Ambulance is a mobile workforce that usually sees metropolitan paramedics respond from one patient to the next, the Paramedic Response Points will serve as a location from which paramedics can also respond throughout their shift.

This new operating model will ensure NSW Ambulance paramedics are strategically placed to meet the emergency medical needs of metropolitan Sydney communities now and into the future.

Caringbah Superstation

Located on the existing ambulance station site at 106 Kareena Road, the Caringbah NSW Ambulance superstation is a major investment in local paramedic services, supporting patients in the Caringbah community and surrounding area.
Planning for the Caringbah NSW Ambulance superstation is under way and works are expected to take place in 2017. 

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