Caringbah Superstation construction kicks off

Posted 22 Aug 2017

Kane Construction have been awarded the contract for the superstation at 106 Kareena Road, one of nine sites currently announced as part of the NSW Government’s $150 million Sydney Ambulance Metropolitan Infrastructure Strategy (SAMIS).
This is the most significant, single investment in NSW Ambulance infrastructure in the organisation’s history.
The existing NSW Ambulance Station at Kareena Road site will be demolished to make way for the new Caringbah superstation. This will be followed by a building and commissioning phase.

A superstation will be where emergency ambulance and operational support vehicles are based and where logistics functions such as cleaning and restocking is managed. Superstations will also house local management and administrative staff, and have capacity for training.

This purpose-built, modern facility will be supported by a network of existing stations and smaller, stand-by stations called Paramedic Response Points, creating a network of NSW Ambulance resources that are better placed to support the communities of Caringbah and surrounds

The new operational model will provide enhanced coverage across metropolitan Sydney, and a more supported and efficient, mobile paramedic workforce.

Construction at the Caringbah site is expected to be complete in 2018.