Construction Finishes on the new Artarmon NSW Ambulance superstation

Posted 05 Feb 2018
Construction has now been completed on the new Artarmon superstation. 

Following completion of construction, there will be a staged commissioning phase before the station becomes operational.

The NSW Government purchased the site as part of its strategy to ensure NSW Ambulance infrastructure can meet projected patient demand for the next decade.

A superstation will be where emergency ambulance and operational support vehicles are based and where logistics functions such as cleaning and restocking is managed. Superstations will also house local management and administrative staff, and have capacity for training.

The Artarmon superstation will be a key hub for local paramedics and support staff.

This purpose-built, modern facility will be supported by smaller, stand-by stations called Paramedic Response Points, creating a network of NSW Ambulance resources that are better placed to support the communities of Artarmon and surrounds.